What You Need in an HVAC Company

What You Need in an HVAC Company

We all know that home
systems are going to need care and maintenance over time. But how you handle those demands can make a huge difference in your quality of life and the safety and long-term condition of your home or other property.

At AirTek Services, we have an excellent track record of helping clients in the  Greenville/Spartanburg area to maintain smoothly running and fully functional air conditioning systems, heating systems, ventilation systems and other installations with professional service.

Here are some of the things that we pride ourselves on, and things that our customers have told us
they love about our operations.

Reliable Service

When something goes wrong, you need people to come out right away. Furnaces tend to fail on some of the coldest days of the year because they’re doing the most work. Ditto for air  conditioning systems in the heat of summer. We’ve planned for those eventualities and worked them into our business model so that we can come to our customers’ aid effectively.

Honest Service

We know that there are so
many things that you simply have to trust to professionals. Most people don’t know what each of the parts of the furnace or boiler does, or even what they’re called. That means they’re relatively at the mercy of the specialists when something happens. We understand that, and we work with integrity to help our customers have peace of mind about their home systems. We are famous for
not giving clients the run-around or trying to say things in a roundabout way. We can see what’s going on with systems and what it will take to get them running well again – and we won’t keep secrets from you.

Communicative Service

Whether it’s about pricing,
timelines or anything else, we keep in touch with our clients. We don’t leave the phone line dead or simply vanish when we’re most needed. Too many firms just don’t take care to maintain good communications with customers, and you see some of the volatile reviews they get online as a result.

Clean Service

We also know that good service means that maintaining your HVAC systems doesn’t mean tearing your home apart. We take care to wear the right gear and apparel to leave your house in good condition when we leave.

It’s also important that at AirTek, we are licensed and insured. Some companies like to cut corners or operate without proper workers’compensation insurance or other necessities. We stand behind our work and our reputation in the community, so give us a call and let us know what you’re dealing with at your property. We’ll be there.

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